cropped Faith Ramsay

From High Finance to Country Garden

I have always loved flowers and plants but ended up working in finance for a number of years and living in London with a very small garden meant I had little chance to indulge my passion. After 15 years in the City, I decided to take a career break to have a family and move to the countryside. Unfortunately, I suffered from very bad post natal depression and I started to notice that I felt so much better when I was outside and that working in the garden made me feel both physically and mentally better, even if I didn’t really know what I was doing! However, I soon realised that my layman’s knowledge needed expanding.

I moved on to learn more about plants, planting and design through extensive self-study, hands on practical gardening, courses with the RHS, Sarah Raven, London College of Garden Design, KLC Design School and Oxford College of Garden Design. I love the fact that there is so much to learn and I use my own 4 acre garden as a practice site for plants and planting designs before incorporating them into client projects.

I continue to develop and expand my knowledge through constant reading, visiting local nurseries and flower shows as well as the practical lessons I learn from gardening itself. I am continually fascinated by the changes in my own garden as well as the many others I visit both home and abroad.

In my own garden I have developed my own style of ‘country garden’ planting and design, which can include more formal areas, such as a rose garden; along with more relaxed areas for dining and children’s play areas. I am a passionate believer in gardens being practical and useful and have developed a kitchen garden, including a herb garden, as well as expanding on an existing old orchard. I always try to work with nature, choosing plants that are easy to plant and maintain as well as ones that help sustain the natural wildlife like bees and birds.

I love working with people and hearing their thoughts about their own outdoor space. I set up My Country Garden Design Solutions to help people create a garden that brings them as much joy as mine does to me. I offer a variety of services from a review of your existing garden and how it could be easily enhanced and improved, through to a full redesign of your garden. We have won Client Service awards from design website Houzz for three years running, attesting to our focus on putting our clients first!

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The first step is to understand what it is that you wish to achieve in your garden. We’ll discuss how you want to use your garden, what horticulture expertise you do or don’t have, how much time you want to spend maintaining your garden going forward, what style of garden you like and what budget you have in mind.