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What happens when you decide to work with me?

The first step is for Faith to spend some time with you, usually about an hour, looking at the specific area concerned so she can get a good idea of what sort of plants will suit your soil, the space available, the sunlight and water conditions.  The My Country Garden’s design ethos is very much focused on right plant, right place – so it helps to see the space first!

Within this initial hour, Faith will build up a clear picture of what your ideal garden is and will discuss what you want to ‘use’ your garden for eg entertaining; kids playing; food production, simply sitting in with a glass/cup of something.  This will drive the overall purpose of the design. We can then consider what style of garden you like – don’t worry you don’t need to have a named style in mind, we can simply talk about things you like and don’t like and we have a vast array of pictures to look at to help in this process. We then move on to think about colour – most people have a strong view on this! And finally, and probably most importantly for non-garden enthusiasts, how much time and effort you want to put in to the garden.

After this initial meeting, Faith may need to come back and do a more detailed survey of the site depending on the extent of the garden being designed.

As a result of this My Country Garden will produce a short report and a proposed garden design which Faith will typically present to you in person and talk you through the decisions she has made. You will therefore get the chance to understand your garden and to give feedback on the proposal.

After this meeting My Country Garden will provide you with a final design and planting plan, including a full planting list.  This can be the end of the engagement or alternatively we can continue to work with you to source the required plants from various nurseries My Country Garden typically works with, these typically have a better selection of plants and are often better priced when sourced through a garden designer.  The planting work could then be carried out by yourself or by My Country Garden.

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