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Garden Review & Audit

An alternative to a full design service is a Garden Review & Audit.  This may be the right service for you if you have just moved house and ‘inherited’ a garden that is broadly what you want but would like a few tweaks.  Or it may be the case that you have been living with your garden for a while and feel it needs a bit of a ‘freshening up’.

Our Garden Review & Audit service consists of Faith coming for an hour or so to review your current garden and discuss with you what you would like out of it.  My Country Garden will then provide you with a short plant list of suggested plants which could suit your purposes and a basic maintenance schedule of key things for you to do at certain times in the year.

This service can even be used as an annual review for your garden to discuss what worked last year and what didn’t and how the garden can be improved year on year.

The charge for this service is £300-750 depending on the size of the garden.

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