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The overall cost of redesigning a garden consists of several elements: the design work itself, the hard landscaping materials (patios, terraces, steps, pergolas) and labour, the soft landscaping (trees, shrubs, perennials and lawns) materials and labour.  Typically the labour is the most significant element of this cost.  My Country Garden is not a landscape construction company but is happy to work with and supervise any reputable construction company.  It is often better to appoint a specialist landscaping company than to rely on builders, as there are specific challenges to landscape construction.  Reputable companies can be found in your area via The British Association of Landscape Industries or The Association of Professional Landscapers

To give a sense of the overall cost of a garden project, excluding design fees, the following approximate costings may be helpful, although the mix of hard and soft landscaping in your design will significantly affect the project cost:

  • First 50 sqm                                               £300 per sqm
  • Next 450 sqm (to total of 500 sqm)       £100 per sqm
  • Next 1500sqm (to total of 200 sqm)      £50 per sqm


The charges for our design services are largely dependent on the size of your garden or the area you wish to have designed or be advised on, as our services are largely time dependent.  You may also only want a basic garden review and advice rather than a complete redesign. So each proposal is put together based on the requirements of you and your garden:

However, to give you an idea of the typical charges based on our experience:

  • Basic level garden review, including one hour visit and a short list of plant recommendations suitable to your garden:
    £250 for a small garden – £750 for a large garden
  • Garden consultation including personal visit and production of detailed plant list and maintenance schedule:
    £500 for a small garden – £1,500 for a large garden
  • Premium Garden consultation including up to 2 personal visits, Garden Design and detailed plant list:
    Starting from £950 for a small garden and typically costing 10-15% of total build costs.

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