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My dog, Ellie and I, have both been released from our household confines. I have been stuck at home due to the requirement to quarantine after a 15 hour drive through Italy and France to beat the quarantine cut-off, which was thwarted by the lack of a worming tablet for Ellie that I didn’t even know we needed. And then Ellie herself was kept at home due to being in season.

However, we set off at a fair old pace for our walk today, both grateful to be back into the swing of our normal routine. Ellie was running back and forth sniffing at everything and generally being super excited about her freedom. My head was full of all I needed to achieve in the forthcoming weeks, both personally and professionally, and feeling somewhat stressed about how I was going to achieve it all. I was striding ahead and feeling irritated by Ellie’s stopping and starting as she was simply taking in the joy of her freedom.

As usual, somewhere about halfway into our walk, as Ellie starts to get excited about approaching her swimming spot, a change comes over me. I slow down, I breathe deeper and a calmness descends. Mother Nature has worked her magic I havestopped worrying somuch about doing and come more into a state of being. This happens every time I go for a walk or spend time outside. It’s not an instant magic wand but give her some time and the transformation occurs naturally. The brain and body become calmer and I feel more able to tackle whatever the week has in store.


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