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Are you ready to start your gardening journey, but not sure where to begin?

I share with you my top tips on the must-haves for gardening, without breaking the bank!

Don’t let a lack of equipment hold you back – discover the essentials that every gardener needs.

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Gardening Advice

Are you terrified of doing the wrong thing in your garden? Do you think you’re going to kill your plants if you do anything to them?

Well help is at hand! I’m passionate about sharing my love of plants and enthusiasm for nature. I strongly believe that gardening doesn’t have to be scary and confusing as it can often seem. By making the practical elements of gardening less daunting, I’d like to think that I can encourage more people to get the physical and mental health benefits of being in their outdoor spaces.

By following my posts or signing up for my   free download you can learn some great tips and tricks. You can also head over to my   workshop page to book on one of my courses.

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Gardening How To’s

Do you want some handy guides to help build your confidence in your gardening? Whether it is which way up to plant a bulb or how to plant a tree I have some plain talking guides to help you with the basics.

Gardening Inspiration

Do you struggle to know where to start in your garden? Do you find it difficult to visualise what you want to achieve in your outdoor space?

You are not alone, designing an outdoor space is extremely challenging, as there are no confines in terms of roofs and you have to take the vagaries of the climate and the effect of the seasons and the passing of time into account. No wonder it’s difficult to know where to start.

I have pulled together some design suggestions and thoughts in these posts to help get the creative spark going. I’m constantly inspired by what I see and the gardens I visit along the way, picking up ideas far and wide that I can bring into my own design practice.

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Nature & the Great Outdoors

Have you noticed how you often feel physically and mentally better when you are outside? How spending time in nature improves your mood and sense of well-being.

This is how I came into gardening and gardening design and it remains a key factor of all that I do personally and professionally. I believe that the more I can do to encourage people outside the better they will be for it.

If you’re interested in learning more or simply following my musings on nature and it’s benefits then simply sign-up to get my tips and advice.

Book an appointment with me.

The first step is to understand what it is that you wish to achieve in your garden. At this stage we’ll discuss how you want to use your garden, what horticulture expertise you do or don’t have, how much time you want to spend maintaining your garden going forward, what style of garden you like and what budget you have in mind.