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My Country Garden was asked to help the owner of this large garden in Berkshire rejuvenate the garden layout and bring more colour and seasonal interest into the garden.  The garden had a number of flower beds which had been planted with largely evergreen shrubs which were now overgrown or struggling and the beds themselves had succumbed to a number of perennial weeds.  In addition, the beds themselves were ‘scattered’ through the garden and didn’t provide the best views from the house.

The decision was made to either remove or reshape some of the existing beds and then create a new double tiered structure of contained beds at the rear of the garden.  Care was taken to line these new beds up with sightlines from the house and the new patio area.  By raising the rear bed, the existing slope was used to the best advantage and using a double line of rose arches further increased the illusion of added depth and space.

The beds were then planted with country garden style perennials in a blue and purple colour palette.  Whilst the rear set of beds was planted using larger shrubs to provide year round structure and eventually some screening of the rear fence line. This layout and planting meant that the garden would be easily maintained and allow the family’s young children and dog more space to play in, whilst still bringing in colour and movement to the garden.


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