Pollinators paradise

The client had recently completed major remodelling of their house which had left their garden little more than a building site. 

They wanted a peaceful, tranquil space that they could enjoy after so much upheaval. It was essential that the garden was wildlife friendly as they loved watching the birds and full of plants to attract pollinators 

The area to be designed and included space at the front, back and side of the house. The client was interested in plants and gardening and whilst they had little experience they were keen to start doing more

The design included a perennial meadow at the front and some of the side of the garden. This would attract pollinators and have a variety of ornamental grasses, bulbs and perennial plants which would allow the meadow to change through the seasons. The design for the back garden included softening the look of their large garden shed and back fence with a lavender border and stepping stones and espaliered fruit trees. The back garden had a beautiful old brick wall which was made a feature of the by the inclusion of a perennial border of soft and airy layered planting. This border is alive with insects throughout the year much to the client’s delight


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