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The remit for this garden was to take an unloved space to the side of a house and turn it into a tranquil garden to relax in, whilst being relatively low maintenance.  The space also was rather shaded and faced another house, so some screening was required. The design solution was to keep a reasonable area of lawn but one that would not take too long to mow.  Then to add in a border at the far end which included some screening plants like black bamboo (the non-invasive kind) with some larger shrubs, like Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’, otherwise known as the Snowball Tree which just looks gorgeous although may need a little bit of pruning to stop it getting a bit out of control.

Once the backbones of the shrubs and bamboo and grasses are in place then the remainder is full of a mixture of perennials to ensure colour from spring through to autumn with little maintenance beyond maybe some dead-heading to prolong the flowering period.


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