I have been working on transforming the smallish back garden of a relatively modern house in Arborfield, Berkshire.  This garden had been as the builders left it for a number of years, with typical poor soil and turf and a strong slope back down toward the house.  The owners have put in a retaining wall but have come to My Country Garden to turn their rectangle of grass into a ‘garden’ with plants, colour and scent.

The first project was to tackle the ‘lawn’ itself and the slope it sat on – so about 10-15cm of poor quality soil was taken from the top of the slope and then top soil was brought in to create two new corner beds and to raise the lower edge of the lawn by another 10cm.  This was done using old sleepers to create a ‘step’ into the garden.

With new turf laid, espaliered apple and cherry trees were added to break up the dominant fence line and then the two new borders were filled with low maintenance shrubs for all-season structure and a mix of perennials which will bring colour into the garden from spring through to autumn.


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