It’s wet, wet, wet!

Mar 8, 2014 | Posted by in Latest News | Comments Off on It’s wet, wet, wet!

There is not much of any real substance to be done in the garden itself, as it is either too cold and frozen (2013) or to wet and soggy (2014).  However, this is where we gardeners and designers get to put our feet up a little and enjoy looking through magazine and brochures for inspiration for the coming year. My particular favourites are Sarah Raven’s catalogues for their beautiful photography and her constant use of fantastic colour combinations, J Parker’s for a good wide variety of favourites on offer and Allwoods and David Austin Roses for their respective specialisms in Pinks and Roses.  I amaze myself how much time I can spend lost in one of these catalogues and the length of the list I come away with of plants I simply must have.

In the planning frame of mind, I do start to get organised for the seed sowing and planting that will start all too soon by making sure that the greenhouse itself and all the pots I will be using are cleaned thoroughly.  Making sure I have all the supplies of seed and cutting compost I will need in separate plastic bins and that I have sufficient seed trays and covers as once I get started the last thing I want to be doing is having to stop midway to dash out for supplies!

I am also to be found in my greenhouse checking on the seeds that I planted last Autumn, like sweet peas, and the cuttings that I potted up last year.  this year due to the mildness of the Winter everything has rooted nicely so I am looking forward to having a good selection for the gardens this year.

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