Garden Designer Member of the Association of Professional Landscapers

I am delighted that my application to join The Association of Professional Landscapers ( as a Garden Designer member has been accepted!

I have been running my garden design business for over 8 years now and I have learnt so much from my ongoing training, from each client that I work with and all the tradesmen and women that I have collaborated with over those years.

Having to date worked as a sole trader, as my business grows I am working with more freelancers and contractors, before I become brave enough to start employing people. Hence, I am delighted to join a trade body that will support me and my business as I grow and is trying to expand professionalism in the landscape industry. 

I believe, there is real value in working with a professional, qualified garden designer and landscapers. It is the years of training and experience that you want working in your garden and therefore whilst they may not be the cheapest you are still getting great value for money!


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