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I am often asked what are the top things I recommend to someone starting out on their gardening journey. It’s one of the topics covered in my How to Garden: Getting Started workshop. However, as a Spring treat I am going to share with you my top 3 items I couldn’t live without!

Best Secateurs for Gardening

There seem to 100s of different types of secateurs available to buy. I have tried a fair few of them over the last 15 years or so and I find myself using one pair for over 80% of my gardening tasks – ARS Short Fruit Snips. I use them for pruning, dead heading, cutting out deadwood, cutting string, wire, plastic – so pretty much everything. They are super sharp, so watch your fingers! What I particularly love about these is that they are lightweight and easy to hold and handle, so can be used all day, every day. Too many secateurs requite large hands to operate well and can result in bruised palms and strained wrists in my experience!

The easiest and quickest way to get hold of them is via Amazon.

Best Gardening Gloves

My second must have gardening item is a good pair of gloves. I used to say I liked to feel the soil in my hands. I still do, but when you are hands in the soil and plants as much as I am you need to start wearing gloves.

I like my gloves to be snug fitting, somewhat waterproof and fine enough so I can still feel what I am doing when I am gardening with them on. My favourite gloves of all the many I have tried and which I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone are the Showa Floreo Lightweight gloves. They are available in many sizes and colours so take your pick!

These are starting to be sold in many retail outlets and garden centres as well as on Amazon.

Best ever garden Mulch

My third must have product is Strulch – this is a mineralised straw mulch that I use in my garden and pretty much every other garden I work in. It releases nutrients into the soil, so feeds the plants, it adds organic matter, it cuts down on annual weeds, prevents the progress of slugs and snails and reduces the need for watering. Plus frankly it looks fab on your borders too and is organic. Can you tell how much I love this product!

I stock Strulch, so if you are local to me you’re in luck! Alternatively in can be bought from them direct or check out their website for local stockists


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